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Discreet, Accurate and Professional Investigations, Surveillance and Legal Support Services

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Construction Plans


  • Estate and Trust Issues

  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Fiancee Domestice Research

  • Child And Elder Care Providers (Including Day Care)

  • Missing Persons

  • Family Law

  • Blackmail-Extortion

Architectural Modelling


  • Background Investigations (Criminal and Civil)

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Undercover Buys

  • Competitor Research

  • Workers Compensation

  • Corporate Theft

  • Corporate Asset Research

  • Witness Locations

  • Domain Purchase Assistance


Legal Support Services

  • Locating Services

  • Process Service

  • Writ of Garnishment

  • Background

  • Small Information Services

  • Trademark Infringement 



Titan National Pacific Northwest provides professional investigations and legal services. With over ten years of experience, Titan National PNW guarantees an excellent product and the follow-up to ensure that all your personal and legal needs are met in the Greater Portland Metro area.

Its founder Alex Bercovici has been working as an investigator for ten years in California and Oregon. He has been the lead investigator for high-profile cases ranging from corporate theft investigations to international jewelry smuggling and complex family law cases as well as a variety of other cases. At Titan National PNW our one job is to succeed for the client, always providing an excellent work product using the most current innovations in the private investigation field. In addition, Titan National PNW has strong connections to law enforcement, legal advisors, and international contacts and can act as a liaison should there be a need.



The price of service and if we need to bill hourly or use a flat rate depends on the nature of your case.


If we decide to pick up your case, we typically work against a retainer that is a rough estimate of what the total cost of services will be. Anything not spent on your case will be refunded.


Surveillance and other field work is often billed hourly.


We offer discounts for repeat customers and large quantity pre-employment backgrounds.


Consultations are free


Call (503) 748-9390




For any inquiries, questions or a free quote, please call: 503-748-9390 or fill out the following form

Where to reach us

4207 SE Woodstock Blvd. Suite 140

Portland, OR 97206

Tel: 503-748-9390

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Get a free quote: 503-748-9390

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